6610 Alder Drive

Houston, Texas 77081

Head Start

Robindell has been chosen by NCI Head Start as a collaboration site where both a Private School teacher, as well as a NCI Head Start teacher are present in the classroom. This offers the children a much smaller child to staff ratio, and provides the best of both services. All children who qualify and chose to be in this program will receive the same benefits as any other child in a Head Start program throughout Houston. They will also have the benefits of the extended hour’s program that is offered by Robindell Private School. By working together, these teacher’s can focus on the individual needs of each child, and provide the highest quality education. Head Start parents will be assigned a family services representative through Neighborhood Centers. This person will be available to enroll your child in the program, and provide many other services to our parents which will enrich their child’s experience while attending our center.