Afterschool 7 – 12 – Gym

Afterschool 7 – 12 – Gym

Our newly renovated facility offers a learning environment that fosters children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our classrooms are large, and very well equipped. Children in our classrooms are stimulated in their creative abilities and encouraged to be self-confident. Please take a tour by clicking on the age group that you are interested in. You will see pictures and a brief description of that area of our center.

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  • Older School Age Children
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Older School Age Children

We provide an environment where parents can feel that their 7 – 12 year old children are comfortable and safe. Children spend time with their friends and take advantage of a variety of activities. We provide opportunities for homework, and assist children with homework when needed. We also provide a variety of activities including a Full length basket ball court, a movie theater, an arcade room, rock wall and areas for games and arts and crafts. Our 7500 square foot gymnasium is the best after-school facility in town!

Afterschool Playground

Our school age children have much needed opportunities for using all that energy they have had to restrain during their school day. We have a great place for them to run, play and have loads of fun with their peers.